This section lists templates for the key documents produced in the Rules processes. Click on a title to open the relevant template; or on an example title to see a completed template.





Preliminary Impact Regulatory Assessment (PIRA) template(external link)

Note: Scroll down to Annexe 1.1

If you require an example of this please email

Policy Investigation

Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) template(external link)

Note: Refer to Annexe 4.1

RIS - Amendments to Road User Charges regulations [PDF, 39 KB]

RIS - Rule Part 139 Aerodromes – Certification, Operation and Use [PDF, 118 KB]

Rule Development and Consultation

Legislative Requirements template (Rule Drafting Instructions)


Policy Investigation and Rule Production Project Plan template

Note: Organisations may use a different template. For example the Ministry use the project plan template in Go Plan(external link)


Consultation Package

A consultation package is usually comprised of a draft Rule and a consultation or overview document.

There are no templates for these 

Land Transport Rule: Light-vehicle Brakes Amendment 2014,Rule 32014/4 Overview

Land Transport Rule: Light-vehicle Brakes Amendment 2014, Rule 32014/4 - Draft for public comment

Rule Finalisation & Signature

No templates available


Project Close and handover

No shared templates