The objective of this process is to make an emergency Rule, if it is necessary to alleviate or minimise:

  • any risk of the death, or serious injury to a person, or of damage to property
  • any damage, or threat of imminent damage, to the marine environment.

This process starts when a situation arises and it is not practicable, in the circumstances of the particular case, for the Minister to make an ordinary Rule to alleviate or minimise risk, damage, or threat of damage.


The inputs to this process are:

  • None identified


The outcome of this process is:

  • An emergency Rule is in force, if required
  • The emergency Rule either lapses, is revoked, or renewed within the number of days specified in the respective statute.


Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities for this process are:

Organisation/ Role


  • Director of Civil Aviation
  • Director of Maritime New Zealand
  • Chief Executive of the New Zealand Transport Agency

To assess and make an emergency Rule where appropriate, or to take alternate action.

Minister's Office

Arrange to have the Rule laid before Parliament within 16 sitting days of the Rule coming into force, when copies are provided by the Agency.