The objective of purpose of this phase is to:

  • review and close a Rules project
  • arrange handover for business-as-usual stewardship of the Rule
  • plan for evaluation of the new or amended Rule.

This process starts as soon as possible following signing of the Rule.



The inputs to this process are:

  • The project plan(s) as relevant for Phases 2, 3 and 4.
  • The lessons learned and any feedback captured at the wrap up of each phase of the project
  • The regulatory impact statement or alternative documents prepared as an output of policy investigation.



The outcomes of this process are that:

  • the highlights (what went well) and the lessons learned (what needs improvement) are reported, particularly if there are recommendations for other projects.
  • the Rules Framework documentation is updated if relevant.
  • the Rule is handed over for ongoing monitoring and evaluation.


Roles and responsibilities

The roles involved in this process and high level responsibilities are shown below. Detailed responsibilities are described as part of a RACI table within each procedure.



Lead Organisation/ Project Manager

  • Ensure the review is completed and all documentation finalised.
  • Provide information to assist with an evaluation plan.
  • Hand over for business-as-usual monitoring.
  • Log the project as completed.
  • Arrange to celebrate success.

Sponsors (at both organisations)

Agree to formal closure of:

  • Phase 4: Rule Finalisation and Signature
  • The overall Rules project.


Regulatory Reform Programme Manager, Ministry


  • Ensure that lessons learned are picked up and reflected in:
    • Training modules
    • The Rules process documentation.
  • Facilitate discussion, if required, to address the issues raised with the agencies and relevant Ministry parties.

Rules Coordinator

  • Provide input to project review.
  • Review project close report and share with other Rules project managers.