Phase 3: Rule development & consultation

Prepare post-consultation papers


When to use

Follow these steps to prepare post-consultation papers to pass to the Ministry, when any required post-consultation updates, and reformatting of the Rule is complete.


This RACI table describes the roles involved, or potentially involved, in this activity:





Policy Adviser

Project Lead/Manager

Steering Group

Sector Team at the Ministry

Operational groups e.g. police, industry groups who could have to update guidance material.


  1. Prepare the following papers:
    • letter of transmittal (MNZ), directors letter (CAA), or Statement of Compliance (NZTA)  
    • final draft Rule and supporting material
    • updated summary and analysis of submissions, if not included in the draft Rule document
    • draft media communications (if a high profile issue)
    • a timetable for when the Rule will come into force.

    In addition, for Significant Impact Rules, also prepare:

    • final Rule Development Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS)

      If there have been changes to the draft Rule, you may need to update or confirm the RIS prepared during Phase 2: Policy Investigation, and to gain RIS Panel Adviser input.

    • confirmation of consequential amendments, if relevant.

  2. Gain signoff from the sponsor(s) and steering group.

  3. Draft a covering letter or email to the Ministry Legal Adviser, signed by the rules coordinator or policy adviser. 

  4. Send the covering letter and post-consultation papers to the Ministry Legal Adviser.

What happens next?

The Ministry Legal Adviser in consultation with the relevant policy manager, considers the post-consultation papers and starts Phase 4: Rule Finalisation and Signature.

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