On this site you will find information to assist the New Zealand Government transport sector to perform regulatory functions, particularly when developing new or amended transport Rules.

The site is for use by the Ministry of Transport and the following transport agencies:

  • Maritime New Zealand (MNZ)
  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). 



The Rules Development Framework sets out best practice to achieve a consistent approach to rule development and implementation. The Framework includes an end-to-end process, tools, templates and supporting information. The process is designed to be flexible, to allow for different levels of urgency and complexity of policy proposals and rule changes. Not every step needs to be taken, or taken to the same extent in every case. Following the Framework will enable you to understand what parts of the process are necessary in each particular case, and how risks can best be mitigated if not following a particular step. There are, however, some legal (e.g. statutory public notification and consultation) and mandatory (such as Cabinet processes) requirements, which need to be adhered to.