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The Air Navigation System Review panel published their Phase 2 report in May 2023. 

The Panel have made nine recommendations to respond to the feedback and concerns they heard from the sector. They range from improving system leadership and protecting air navigation infrastructure, through to engaging better with iwi and Māori.

Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport welcomes the Phase 2 report.

The aviation industry, technology and our regulatory and security environments continue to evolve. It’s important the aviation system, and its critical supporting infrastructure, evolve with these changing needs. The air navigation system is no different, and this report will help set the foundation for future development.

We will consider the Panel’s recommendations in depth and look at how to progress them in the context of other strategic work going on in aviation.

We expect to provide the Associate Minister with advice in due course.

More information on the Phase 2 report, and the wider review, can be found at

Te Manatū Waka Ministry of Transport provided secretarial support for the review. The views expressed by the panel, and in their reports, are their own.

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