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What you need to know

Road freight is vital to New Zealand’s economy and is predicted to grow substantially over the next 30 years. We see reducing GHG emissions for these types of vehicles, especially long-haul road freight, as one of the most challenging areas of transport.

The Green freight project, which was initiated in April 2019, looks specifically at the role alternative green fuels — electricity, green hydrogen and biofuels — could play in reducing emissions from heavy vehicles carrying freight on New Zealand’s roads. The project is focused on heavy trucks involved in road freight because they account for nearly 25% of all GHG road transport emissions.

In September 2019 we invited public feedback on the ‘Green Freight Background Paper’ which explored the challenges and opportunities of transitioning road freight transport to alternative fuels. In May 2020 we released ‘Green Freight: 2020’, a strategic working paper which incorporated stakeholder feedback from the ‘Green Freight Background Paper’ and outlined options that the Government could implement over the next 15 years.

The work to date

May 2020

Working paper released

The working paper provides the Government with a range of options to increase the uptake of alternative green fuels in the road freight sector. We are not running a formal consultation process, but we are keen to hear your views on the options presented in this paper.

More information and related documents
Sep 2019–Oct 2019

Background paper released and feedback invited

We produced a paper exploring the challenges and opportunities of transitioning New Zealand’s heavy truck fleet to using alternative green fuels. The paper reflects thinking and research from domestic and international sources, and puts this in the context of the road freight industry in New Zealand.  

More information and related documents

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