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What you need to know

The SuperGold Card scheme was introduced in 2008. It allows cardholders to travel free on scheduled off-peak urban public transport — between 9.00am and 3.00pm and after 6.30pm from Monday to Friday, and all day on weekends and public holidays. In the Auckland region, a special arrangement allows cardholders to travel for free during peak afternoon hours.

There are 5 exempt services in the scheme. These are not part of the relevant region’s core public transport network, as outlined in the relevant Regional Public Transport Plan. Exempt services include the Waiheke Island ferry, Fullers ferry to Devonport, Sealink ferry to Waiheke Island, Wellington Airport Flyer and the Wellington Cable Car.

The SuperGold website has information about how eligible New Zealanders can get the SuperGold card, and the offers available for cardholders.

SuperGold website

The work to date

Jan 2019–Present

Scheme to be reviewed

In November 2019, the Minister for Disability Issues launched the Disability Action Plan 2019–2023, which replaces the previous Disability Action Plan 2014–2018. As part of the Disability Action Plan, we will conduct a strategic assessment of the services provided for people with different transport needs. This includes a review of the SuperGold Card Scheme. We have yet to confirm when this review will start.

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Regional council bulk funding began

The Government shifted to a bulk funding approach for the scheme instead of individual fare reimbursements, with the level of funding agreed between regional councils and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

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Sep 2015

Freeze on new services lifted

The Government removed the freeze on new services entering the scheme, which increased the range of services available, particularly in rural and provincial areas. 

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Scheme reviewed and updated

As a result of the review, the Government announced it would lift the freeze on new services entering the scheme, cap Crown funding for the next 5 years and introduce bulk funding.

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Scheme reviewed and consulted on

In response to the review and consultation the Government increased the scheme’s funding to provide for growing demand.  They put a freeze on new services entering the scheme to limit how much it cost to maintain it.

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Oct 2008

SuperGold Card scheme introduced

The off-peak public transport scheme had 3 key principles — it was a national scheme, users traveled for free, and off-peak capacity could accommodate increased numbers.

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